Bar Code Labels

Graco requires a shipping label (Vendor Carton Label as defined in the Graco Supplier Bar Code Manual) on every pallet, carton or container received. You’ll notice that our Supplier Bar Code Manual is referenced where required.

Minimum information required on Vendor Carton Label (shown on page 9 of supplier manual):





At a minimum Graco requires the following information on the Vendor Carton Label, however, we prefer each label to contain the information detailed in the specifications (pages 12 through 14 in the supplier manual)

Ref page 21 figure 1 for our preferred example

Location of label is critical to the success of this program. See pages 10 and 11 of supplier manual for more information. Ref pages 24-27 for examples


If you are shipping directly to our distribution center, you may be required to use UPC labels (noted on engineering drawing). Detailed specifications are on pages 15 through 18: Product Carton Labels (larger) and UPC labels (smaller).

These specifications are subject to change and advanced notification will be sent in such case.